Lunch Specials

Ciabattas - served with skinny fries and salad...7.95

- hickory smoked ham, gruyere cheese, tomato chutney
- home cooked salt beef, pickles and Dijon mustard
- brie, bacon, and cranberry
- avocado, stilton and rocket
- smoked salmon and horseradish cream

Devilled lambs kidneys, served with parsley mash...small 7.50...large 13.50
Pork and leek sausages, mash potato, roasted shallots and red wine sauce…10.50
Grilled prawns, garlic ciabatta, garlic mayo, side salad…8.95
Thin sirloin, skinny fries, pepper sauce…9.95
Wild mushroom, tarragon and stilton filo parcles, on creamy
garlic spinach…10.95

Grilled salmon, cumin and coriander cous-cous with peanuts, sultanas, chilli, roast vegetables, tomato dressing…12.50
Butternut squash and goats cheese risotto balls, rocket, sunblush tomato and vegetables crisps...small 6.50...large 10.95
Smoked haddock, rarebit sage and bacon crust, green beans, roast sweet potato, parsley sauce...11.50

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