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Winter Vegetable Soup - Served with locally baked seeded brown bread…6.95
Mezze Plate to Share - Guacamole, hummus, tapenade, feta cheese, cucumber, radish and olives served with pitta bread…10.00
Salt and Pepper Squid - With piquant mayonnaise…7.50
A Duo of Salmon Salad - Hot fresh and smoked, served with lemon and wholegrain mustard dressing…7.95
Devilled Kidneys - Served with rice…6.95
Halloumi and Sumac Fries - With garlic mayonnaise…6.95
Skewer of Garlic King Prawns - Salad and garlic toasted ciabatta…½ dozen 8.95, dozen 15.95
Spicy Falafel Cakes - With salad, Greek yogurt and a mint and
cucumber dip…7.95
Cornish Crab and Avocado Salad - With a tomato, cucumber and
red onion salsa…10.00 


Medallions of Venison Loin - Served with a slice of haggis, champ, spinach, buttered parsley carrots and red wine sauce…22.50
Confit Duck Leg - With celeriac, red cabbage, fondant potato and
port wine sauce…17.95
Beer Battered Fish and Chips - With mushy peas and tartare sauce…13.95
Malaysian Curry - With coconut infused rice…Vegetable 10.95, Prawn 14.95 
Roasted Hake Fillet - Wrapped in parma ham with a sweet potato, chickpea, chorizo and courgette cassoulet…16.95
Seared Tuna Steak - With roasted Mediterranean vegetables and orzo salad…17.95 Grilled Halloumi Salad -  With a Panzanella salad, toasted pine nuts andpesto dressing…12.00
Gratin Bayaldi - Layers of aubergine, courgette, red and yellow peppers, confit red onions with a tomato sauce and side salad…11.95
Half Shoulder of Lamb - Mashed potatoes served with seasonal vegetables…17.95 


The G&D Burger - Topped with mature cheddar cheese and smoked bacon in a sesame seed bun with guacamole, fries and a salad…Chicken Fillet, Beef…12.95
Calves Liver - Bubble and squeak, pancetta and roasted shallots with a
red wine sauce…16.50

Our steaks are Aberdeen Angus steaks 28 day matured, served with chips, roasted field mushroom, grilled tomato and a rocket salad

10 Oz Sirloin…22.50
8 Oz Fillet…25.50

Add Sauce - Green peppercorn sauce, Red wine Jus or Garlic Butter or
Blue Cheese Sauce...1.50


Parsley New Potatoes - 3.50 • Spinach - 4.00 • Mashed Potatoes - 3.50 • Chips - 3.50 • Cheesy Chips - 4.50 • Skinny Chips -With garlic mayo - 3.00 • Garlic Ciabatta - 3.95 • Garlic and Cheese Ciabatta - 4.50 • Rocket and Parmesan Salad - Balsamic reduction - 4.50 • Mixed Salad - 3.50 • Large Green Olives - 4.25 • Seasonal Vegetables - 4.95


Sticky Toffee Pudding - Toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream…6.95
Bread and Butter Pudding - English custard sauce…6.95
Vanilla Crème Brulee - With cats tongue biscuits…6.95
Mulled Winter Compote - Mulled winter forest fruit served on a
crisp meringue nest…6.95
Lemon Posset -With mango coulis and raspberries…6.95
Cheese and Biscuits - Celery, apple with fruit chutney…8.95
Oxford Blue, Smoked Cheddar and Somerset Brie
Trio of Ice Creams and Sorbets…6.95
Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, rum & raisin or Carmelita
Raspberry, lemon or mango

Hot Drinks

Tea 2.25 • Herbal Tea 2.50 (Ask for our selection) • Espresso 1.80 • Double Espresso 2.80 • Americano 2.80 • Flat White 3.00 • Cappuccino 3.00 • Café Latte 3.00 • Hot Chocolate 3.00 • 
Floater Coffee 5.95
Irish ~ Jamesons Shin Shin ~ Dark Rum
Calypso ~ Tia Maria Crème ~ Baileys
Italian ~ Amaretto Highland ~ Bells
French ~ Brandy Seville ~ Cointreau

Decaf coffee available.

Please ask staff for Pudding Wine, Port, Cognac, Whiskies and Liqueurs

Phone 0118 988 4432 ● Fax 0118 988 6474 ● Email The George and Dragon

Church Road ● Swallowfield ● Berkshire ● RG7 1TJ